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Our team is led by individuals with EMS, fire, HazMat, and customer service experience with years of training and experience at various hoarding, crime, suicide, death, and biohazard scenes. We work hard to resolve these issues in a fair and expedient manner. Call us today toll free at 1-844-425-5429 or email for an estimate or with any questions or concerns you may have.

Don’t take our word, read our clients hand written words of gratitude #Testimonials Above

As Chief of First Responder Services, Station 1 Tampa, one thing stands out over all else as I lead Florida’s Premier Crime and Trauma Response and Recovery Team and that is the kind words of every family we have helped. I have heard how other ‘companies’ take advantage of situations. Other ‘companies’ even try and attempt bio hazard remediations without the proper DOH (Department of Health) license or the knowledge to fully decontaminate a scene. 24/7/365 my Team stands by our philosophy that “We are here to help!” and we are not a “company” but a Family of First Responders stationed here to serve our community. But don’t take my word, read the hand written testimonials of our clients. Call us anytime 844-4-AllHazards if you or someone you know needs help and wants a trusted Team to respond quickly.

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Station 1 Tampa is now open to serve the bay area faster! Station 2 Miami and Station 3 Jacksonville in the works! Without A Trace LLC and First Responder Services now at