Our team is led by individuals with EMS, fire, HazMat, and customer service experience with years of training and experience at various hoarding, crime, suicide, death, and biohazard scenes. We work hard to resolve these issues in a fair and expedient manner. Call us today toll free at 1-844-425-5429 or email WithoutATraceLLC@gmail.com for an estimate or with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Team specializes in the following services

Insurance Claims – We want our clients to know that home, auto and business insurance can often reduce or eliminate the costs of a professional clean up and restoration. We will assist all clients in filing necessary claims.

Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup – Trauma and crime often result in dangerous conditions within a home or business as blood,body fluids, and other biological pathogens are a risk to everyone. Odors can persist for a long time with improper decontamination. We will carefully address all issues of a crime scene to ensure the home or business is returned to a safe and healthy state.

Suicide Cleanup – In this time of tragedy our team members will respectfully return your home to a clean state.

Unattended Death – The natural process of dying results in biological matter that will produce an odor. Our team will remove all sources of contamination, disinfect your home, and provide necessary odor treatment.

Biohazard Remediation – Pathogens may not be visible to the human eye but our team members use cleaning methods and safe cleaners to ensure that all biohazards are eliminated.

Hoarding Cleanup – We understand the health and safety issues caused by hoarding and will take the time to return the home to a clean and sanitary condition. www.HoardingCleanupSolutions.com

Document Recovery – Our technicians are trained in recovery, restoration, and preservation of documents exposed to blood, body fluids, odors, and other biohazards. Click here for more details on Document Recovery and Restoration.

Vehicle Decontamination – Our technicians are trained to clean, remove, and decontaminate biohazards, blood, body fluids, and odors from cars, trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, heavy equipment and more so that approved body shops or repair faculties can restore your vehicles.

Odor Treatment – Our technicians are trained to treat odors from animals, trash, smoke, chemicals, biologicals, and more.

Meth Lab Clean Up – Meth use and meth labs are on the rise. The use and creation of this drug can leave numerous hazardous chemicals and residues within a home or business. Our team of trained Crime Scene and HazMat Techs will return you place to a safe and healthy condition.

Tear Gas Cleanup – Police swat and tactical teams often deploy tear gas to bring down a suspect. This irritant can persist for a long time without proper decontamination. Let our team restore you home or office to a pristine state.